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Meet The Herd…

Bull Bros (Bulls in a China Shop) is a hyper-casual bovine bash-’em up experience. Release some steam and unwind while guiding your flagellant motley herd through precious glass pathways. Tippy-toe stealthily through the fragile china cases to find the hidden safes and a few surprises, or go balls-to-the-wall horns galore, flailing with full-on destruction. Includes near unlimited level configurations and endless mayhem. You can be a master of annihilation and run up the score or acquire valuable loot that is tucked away in the in the highly-protected safes. Acquiring loot allows you to flaunt your spoils and show others who’s the boss.

  • Title: Bull Bros (Bulls In A China Shop)
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Release Date: Late 2019
  • Developer: David Edwin Meyers (NetTemple Games)
  • Website:
  • #BullBros
  • Email: