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Holiday Stampede (Bull Bros) is a holiday-themed hyper-casual smash ’em up game. Release some steam and unwind while bashing holiday ornaments, candy canes and even a fruitcake now and then, with near unlimited level configurations and endless destruction.

  • Title: Holiday Stampede (Bull Bros )
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Release Date: November 15, 2019
  • Developer: NetTemple Games (David Edwin Meyers)
  • Website: (plural, Bulls)
  • #BullBros
  • Email:





Holiday-Themed Assets You get the same gameplay action a Bulls In A China Shop but with a plethora of holiday-themed assets.

Unlimited Levels Gameplay levels are fixed for the first ten passes for on-boarding. After this, all levels are dynamically generated. Level design is divided into 5 dynamic areas. 4 of the areas have 8 random options, with the center section having only 6. This results in a unique level configuration (8x8x6x8x8) that exceeds 24,500 possibilities.

Unlimited Levels

Natural Human Interactions User functions and ease-of-play are maximized by placing all human mechanics in optimal and functional screen real estate. Employs a double-thumb shuffle to control character.